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Embrace Education is currently seeking to employ in the following role(s):

  • Homework Club Coordinator (HWC Coordinator) - North West

The role of the HWC Coordinator is to implement the HWC Program in partnership with our schools.
This involves liaising with the school, volunteer tutors, and the committee in order to ensure that
issues and queries are appropriately communicated. The HWC Coordinator is responsible for
managing volunteer tutors through their placement in the program and ensuring that the HWCs are
run as effectively as possible.

The day-to-day tasks of the HWC Coordinator include:
● Creating and managing a roster of volunteer tutors for each HWC
● Regularly attending HWCs delivered by the University of Melbourne branch in order to
ensure that any issues are identified and that the school is adequately supported
● Ensuring that the Working With Children checks of each tutor is valid
● Maintaining timely correspondence with nominated school contacts, and ensuring that any
issues are appropriately addressed
● Maintaining a database of active tutors within the program
● Regularly meeting with tutors and providing them with support
Additionally, the HWC Coordinator will work closely with and be held accountable to Embrace
Education’s volunteer committee to guide the strategic direction and sustainable development of the
organization. This will involve reviewing and improving organizational processes and assisting in the
development and pursuit of strategic objectives. This will also involve monitoring and evaluating the
success of Embrace Education’s programs and identifying areas for improvement.
The role would be perfect for those with the time and energy to commit to Embrace Education’s
values and principles and the desire to gain invaluable experience in the community sector.

You also require a valid Working With Children Check.​

Follow this link to learn more about the role.

Applications close on the 14th of April, 2023.

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