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We are currently transitioning back to in-person programs. To find our COVIDSafe Plan, click here.

Our Individual Tutoring Program provides disadvantaged secondary school students with a skilled, experienced tutor. Tutors are allocated based on their subject knowledge, suitability and location, subject to availability.  In addition to providing academic assistance, tutors become role models and mentors for their students.


Preference is usually given to VCE level students, however, we aim to offer services to all secondary school students. We receive student referrals from a range of sources such as schools, parents and refugee or youth advocacy organisations.


To refer a student to receive in-person or online individual tutoring, click here.

Times and locations

Tutors and students meet regularly at local public libraries.  Volunteers have the chance to develop a relationship with their student and follow their student's progress over time.


It is up to tutors and students to arrange the time and location of their tutoring sessions.  Tutors can meet with their student anytime during the library's operating hours.


We require tutors to provide us with regular feedback as part of our commitment to maintaining safe and constructive tutoring.



To find out more, please contact our Individual Tutoring Coordinator, Nicola Mathieson at

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